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When You Change Your Energy...

Higgs Boson… You Change Your Destiny!

Everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Tune into the energy of your food and of nature, the energy of your emotions, the energy of your ancestry, the energy of your mind, the energy of your heart and the energy in “the Field”. When You Change Your Energy , You Change Your Destiny!

Be Mentored/Guided By An Expert!

Mentoring1Sickness to Fitness,Trauma to Triumph!

40 years of studies, research, professional and personal experiences in many holistic fields, meeting and overcoming many challenges would qualify me as a mentor/health coach regarding your personal health and wellness challenges. My goal is to empower you to BE ALIVE and WELL while you Journey on Planet Earth. Check some testimonials.

Be Part of A Global Health Movement!

Healthy Community5Join Our Community, Build a Better World!

We live in a time of great chaos, from which I believe we will come out… ALIVE and WELL. There is strength in numbers, especially when people focus on the same intention. Clearly, without Health, it is difficult to enjoy your Journey on Planet Earth. Heal Yourself to Heal the World!


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Change Your Energy, Change Your Destiny!

Everything is energy, vibrating at different frequencies.

Your body, mind, soul and spirit are all interconnected. You are WHOLE.

Your emotional state is connected to your physical health. The energy of anger has a different frequency than the energy of joy.

They affect your body, one way or another. Prosperity vibrates differently than poverty.

When you change your frequencies, you transform your life… it’s ENERGY ALCHEMY!

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